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It Begins – Hunting Season 08-09

October 19, 2008

yes, this is me last season

Hunting season has begun, and I am happy. I could stop typing and let those words say it all, but I won’t. Hunting season is a time for me to take a moment and integrate a little more space into an already full life. One of the best things about hunting season is that it comes for a few months and then it is gone. The short time given to hunting deer in Georgia, also gives the hunter time to let the desire to hunt build in the early fall.

Yes there will be ungodly early mornings and bitter cold and rain, but there will also be so much more. There is nothing like seeing the sun rise perched up in a tree alongside all the other forest animals, nor is there anything like watching the last rays of that same sun fall below the horizon and hear the forest settle down for the evening. The smells are inescapable and the sight of creatures in their element is testimony to the greatness and creativity of the God we serve.

I can’t wait to see what this season holds, and what new and amazing thing will happen to me. People have many opinions about hunting, but the one thing that we all have to agree on is that nature in it’s wildness and beauty is as unexpected as the lives we all so desperately seek to live.

Bulldogs and Vandy

October 18, 2008

Well, well, well. I had to digest and recuperate a little before I posted this. As you know, I am a fan of the SEC’s most scrutinized and hardened team – the Georgia Bulldogs. Some may have their opinions, but mine is firm “Glory, glory to Old Georgia!”. In a quirk of heavenly fate, I was allowed the esteemed pleasure of actually attending this game in person. It happened to be Homecoming, so it was even better.

This was my seat:


As for scrutiny of the game itself, the Dawgs could have played better, Stafford wasn’t on his A game, but that didn’t matter – Georgia shut the “Dore'” on Vandy and won. The other fact was that this was my first “live” Georgia game, so I was a little preoccupied looking…I mean gawking at everything. I truly felt like Moses at the Red Sea. The only difference was that I didn’t want it to part open for me, I just let it swallow me up.


There is something pristine and “right” about college football. Many have tried to define it and have left their readers poor for lack of words to explain the unexplainable. For me it has to go back to the essence of sport. These guys are competing for glory, not money. They are going out in the field to execute the plans and strategies of others. Mark Richt doesn’t play football, neither do the Defensive or Offensive Coordinators or their staff. It is the players themselves who go and put their all on the line, fighting for ten more yards.

In life, as leaders, we have to always understand that strategies and vision are great, but it is the people we lead who go out and seek to execute. Execution is the only way to win. On the field and in life, whatever stage of life, we must “Finish the Drill!”

Columbus Day

October 13, 2008

Columbus Day is an important day because without it, the Spanish would have never found the Americas. This is somewhat funny paradoxically as many experts say that within the decade more people will speak predominately Spanish than English in the United States. Columbus was always important to me – we share a first name.

The holiday is celebrated as Day of the Cultures in Costa Rica (a place I hope to retire to). I like that. We should have a Day of the Cultures in the United States. After all, we are an amalgamation of cultures from around the globe – we should celebrate it.

I celebrated with a time being home with family – both blood family and those who I have had the privilege of calling family because we “do life together”. We talked about the future and what we wanted for our children and then we ate (because you can’t have a family gathering without food!) Life is good – not because of the stock market or the bond market or because of my paycheck. Life is good because I do not have to live it alone! Be it so for you and yours. Live life, but live it in relationship. It is the messiest, most chaotic and most wonderful way to exist on this planet we call Earth!


October 11, 2008

Well, tomorrow the staff will have an opportunity to share some of the ideas that they have for Lifepoint in 2009. For me, the idea of personal development is crucial. I can’t imagine being the point guy for personal development, but it is a concept that has connected with my very core. When I have talked with people over the past year, the one common thread has been a desire to understand their lives better and to make better decisions for it’s future.

In the past twelve months I have read more books than I have been able to post about. Most of those books have had to do with the idea of personal development. Now I’m not talking about Anthony Robbins – although he has made a good living doing his thing – I’m talking about the mechanics and psychological underpinnings of why we do the things we do. From Marcus Buckingham and his putting your strengths first approach, to Robert Torbert and his vision of action logics to Dee Hock and his view of chaordic organizations, I have read and digested and wanted to do something with the information. Now is the time.

In 2009, there will be many opportunities for people n the Middle Georgia area to come to events hosted by Lifepoint Church (that’s right, a church!) to help people in their personal development. From personal mission statements to strengths that will help you find the right job for you, Lifepoint will embark in a new era of facilitating personal growth for Middle Georgia and it’s citizens.

Needless to say, I can’t wait!

Happy First Anniversary!

October 5, 2008

It has been one year since I began blogging. Last year we were in the middle of a series called “Whatever It Takes”, and this year finds me in much more of the same place, only more extreme goals and ideas for next year. The concept of “Whatever It Takes” was about catalizing people to volunteer in areas inside the church – BTW the people of Lifepoint have done great.

More is still to come and I’ll be getting down to brass tacks in the coming weeks, but once you make the decision to do “Whatever It Takes” there really isn’t any place for stepping back.

As with anything we do in life, I have learned a number of lessons concerning blogging:

1. You may think nobody’s reading, but they are

2. When you feel a need to rant…don’t

3. Use the platform to encourage people in the development of their lives.

4. Be prepared for the parodox of your opinion.

5. When you feel the need to open yourself up a little more…do

6. You’re not going to make a living at this

7. Check your spelling twice

8. Check your hyperlinks three times

9. You don’t have to be an expert to comment on something

and finally…

10. People that you never thought you would become connected with will turn out to be the greatest teachers

Here we go again!

UGA in Arizona

September 20, 2008

What can I say about the Dawgs this week? Although they started slow, the momentum built and Georgia continued their winning streak with game 11. One of the Most Likely to Be Seen in the Highlight Reel had to be Knowshon Moreno’s high flying touchdown. He must have had some Red Bull because he certainly had wings on that play.

Matthew Stafford continues to add to his portfolio. His arm strength is becoming legendary, and the way he connects with his receivers is magical and beautiful to watch. This game he threw for a career-high of 285 yards. Stafford wasn’t the only Dawg to show on Saturday. Freshman A. J. Green had an impressive evening as well. 159 yard on eight catches and a Touchdown is a great night. Aside from Knowshon’s early leaping Touchdown, he had another 100+ yard night. With 23 carries for 149 yards and 2 Touchdowns, Moreno is quickly becoming mythological in his playing.

Even though there are plenty of outstanding individual players, you have to give kudos to the Georgia Defense. ASU was only able to get only 4 rushing yards on 19 attempts, its second lowest since a negative 2 yards against Cal in 2002, and second lowest by an opponent for the Bulldogs in the Richt-era.

The Dawgs return to Stanford Stadium next week to meet No. 9 Alabama in what is sure to be another exciting game.


September 19, 2008

I met our new neighbors today. Harry and Nancy are the newest residents in our quaint little subdivision somewhere in Middle Georgia. This morning I walked out to the car to hear the sound of Canadian Geese overhead. I would have shot, if I’d have had my gun, but then I would probably have a new assignment in a small cell.

Harry and Nancy are older that I am and have lived through some amazing world events. I was taken by how much we have to gain by investing into knowing the people who live next to us. In a world where, according to a new report, social networking is more popular now than on-line porn, out inter connectivity to actual humans in our vicinity is less and less.

Fred Rogers used to ask me every day if I would be his neighbor, and each day that I did, I learned new and interesting stuff. Take some time and get to know a neighbor. The wealth that it will bring to your own life will surprise you.