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Bulldogs and Vandy

October 18, 2008

Well, well, well. I had to digest and recuperate a little before I posted this. As you know, I am a fan of the SEC’s most scrutinized and hardened team – the Georgia Bulldogs. Some may have their opinions, but mine is firm “Glory, glory to Old Georgia!”. In a quirk of heavenly fate, I was allowed the esteemed pleasure of actually attending this game in person. It happened to be Homecoming, so it was even better.

This was my seat:


As for scrutiny of the game itself, the Dawgs could have played better, Stafford wasn’t on his A game, but that didn’t matter – Georgia shut the “Dore'” on Vandy and won. The other fact was that this was my first “live” Georgia game, so I was a little preoccupied looking…I mean gawking at everything. I truly felt like Moses at the Red Sea. The only difference was that I didn’t want it to part open for me, I just let it swallow me up.


There is something pristine and “right” about college football. Many have tried to define it and have left their readers poor for lack of words to explain the unexplainable. For me it has to go back to the essence of sport. These guys are competing for glory, not money. They are going out in the field to execute the plans and strategies of others. Mark Richt doesn’t play football, neither do the Defensive or Offensive Coordinators or their staff. It is the players themselves who go and put their all on the line, fighting for ten more yards.

In life, as leaders, we have to always understand that strategies and vision are great, but it is the people we lead who go out and seek to execute. Execution is the only way to win. On the field and in life, whatever stage of life, we must “Finish the Drill!”

World Wide Day of Play

September 27, 2008

Something amazing has happened today. Nickelodeon, Noggin, The N and NickToons have all gone dark. From noon until 3:00pm nothing will be shown on these channels. For the fifth consecutive year Nickelodeon is brokering its influence for a Worldwide Day of Play. This is the first year that all Nickelodeon networks and their comparable websites will effectively shut down in order for kids around the world to get out and play.

There have also been over 1,000 play event scheduled around the United States. This was designed as a way for Nick to encourage kids to fight obesity. Before and after the blackout, each network will show programming that is health-related. Nick has partnered with several organizations this year including the Boys and Girls Clubs of America, Big Brothers and Big Sisters along with the National Football League.

What a great opportunity to for our kids to see that there is more that they can do, and that influence can be used in positive ways to motivate us toward better goals and a better life.

UGA in Arizona

September 20, 2008

What can I say about the Dawgs this week? Although they started slow, the momentum built and Georgia continued their winning streak with game 11. One of the Most Likely to Be Seen in the Highlight Reel had to be Knowshon Moreno’s high flying touchdown. He must have had some Red Bull because he certainly had wings on that play.

Matthew Stafford continues to add to his portfolio. His arm strength is becoming legendary, and the way he connects with his receivers is magical and beautiful to watch. This game he threw for a career-high of 285 yards. Stafford wasn’t the only Dawg to show on Saturday. Freshman A. J. Green had an impressive evening as well. 159 yard on eight catches and a Touchdown is a great night. Aside from Knowshon’s early leaping Touchdown, he had another 100+ yard night. With 23 carries for 149 yards and 2 Touchdowns, Moreno is quickly becoming mythological in his playing.

Even though there are plenty of outstanding individual players, you have to give kudos to the Georgia Defense. ASU was only able to get only 4 rushing yards on 19 attempts, its second lowest since a negative 2 yards against Cal in 2002, and second lowest by an opponent for the Bulldogs in the Richt-era.

The Dawgs return to Stanford Stadium next week to meet No. 9 Alabama in what is sure to be another exciting game.

Georgia vs. Gamecocks – Ugggga!

September 13, 2008

OK, let it be known that the tendency for Georgia to forget who they are when playing South Carolina has got to stop. Maybe Spurrier has some chemical compound blown into the locker room, or, based on the exceptional timekeeping, it could just be some noxious form of mold in the air vents, whatever causes the mental breakdown we experience each year we must find it and not allow it to happen again!

Needless to say, this game was sloppy and mushy and long and rather boring. Based on the caliber of both teams, none on those adjectives should be used. Individually the teams are, because of being in the SEC, highly capable of presenting a wonderful game full of excitement and determination. The excitement of this game was focused on the refs and whether the game clocks would come into sync and prove some theory of relational synchronicity.

All in all, great to see the Dawgs pull another one out. Would have liked a little more, but as they say – a win is a win. Looking forward to next week against Arizona State.

UGA vs. Central Michigan

September 6, 2008
ATHENS, Ga. (AP) – Knowshon Moreno rushed for 168 yards and tied a career high with three touchdowns to lead No. 2 Georgia past Central Michigan 56-17 on Saturday.


Matthew Stafford hooked up with Mohamed Massaquoi on a pair of TD passes, and the Bulldogs (2-0) also got an unlikely score from 282-pound defensive end Demarcus Dobbs. The sophomore picked off a deflected pass and rumbled 78 yards for his first career touchdown, giving Georgia a 28-0 lead late in the first half.

Central Michigan (1-1) closed to 28-14 early in the third quarter, but Moreno broke off a 52-yard touchdown that stymied any thoughts of a comeback.

Dan LeFevour threw a couple of touchdown passes for the Chippewas.

That was the way the Associated Press put it. For me, this was a great game that put the spotlight on Matthew Stafford, Mohamed Massaquoi and Knowshon Moreno. These are the key players and they certainly showed it in this game. There were two great moments – one was Demarcus Dobb’s 78 yard touchdown and the other was Knowshon Moreno’s giant leap over Central Michigan during a return in the third quarter. I’m certain that that play will make the highlight real this week.

Can’t wait for the game next Saturday against South Carolina. It should be more of a competition as the Dawgs go on to defeat yet another worthy opponent!

Georgia Football is Back!!!

August 30, 2008

Can’t say how good it is to have college football back. Can’t say how bad it is not to be able to see the first game -thank God for radio and Larry Munson! As expected the Dawgs beat Georgia Southern, but more than that is the expected ethos – the feeling – of college football. Saturdays now have even greater purpose and a place that felt so good last year is now back like an old friend gone on an extended vacation.

Don’t want to get too sappy so “Time out”. Check out your life and try to identify the different “ethos” you experience. What is the ethos of work, family, church, school, etc? If you like it, great, relish it and enjoy it. If you don’t, think of ways you can transform the ethos to be one that feels like a comfortable T-shirt. Don’t think that because you aren’t “the Boss” that you can’t change the feel of your workplace. Every time you change something about yourself, you change everything about your relationships with colleagues, friends and family.


Tiger Woods – “Yes He (and We) Can!”

June 24, 2008

OK we’ve seen the great Tiger win and win and win. Some have said he made a mistake to play while injured, I just think he is an animal. Also, for the record, I don’t think he’ll be out the entire season.

Chip Brown went to Florida in March to take a look at the Woods phenomenon. Brown looked at the relationship between Tiger and us, and how Tigers greatness fulfills a need for greatness the many of us have deep in our hearts.

Brown writes, “You’re writing about a relationship, and you’re projecting on to him. It has to do with what we bring to the theater. If we didn’t bring that ache, that hunger to see him prevail, then we wouldn’t find it answered in Woods. It’s an equation.”

“The subject himself is actually fairly mundane, especially when he doesn’t have a golf club in his hand.” He focuses on the fascinating thing that is created between Woods and his admirers.

“The poet David Ignatow wrote about that ‘wild third thing’, that thing that two people make in concert.” Brown says that the thing that drew him was the “strange equation between the champion and those who venerate him.”

“Truthfully, it seems only a matter of time before Tiger will be known as the greatest golfer who has ever lived. We will be watching him, needing him to be exceptional so that we can feel exceptional also. Tiger is that rare champion who can ‘carry us beyond ourselves.'”

Stanley Cup Finals

June 2, 2008

Alright guys, I love sports though I don’t look the part. That said, I’ve loved hockey for a long time and have looked on with a bit of question as the sport has gone down in public popularity. But I have to say that tonight was one of the best games I’ve seen.

One of the big qutes I got was “Don’t try to referee the game just play.” How true is that in the way we work in both church and life. If we focus on playing the game and leave the refereeing to the referees, then we focus on doing what we can do – that thing that defines us and gives us a lift when we are DOING it. The second hardest part of life is to find that “thing” that only you do, but the hardest part of life is keeping focused on it.

The Penguins played their heart out and moved past the need to referee and eventually they won the game.