Rich Mullins

Do you ever find things on your iPod that surprise you? Apparently I had put Rich Mullins’ album A Liturgy, A Legacy & A Ragamuffin Bandin my playlist. So I decided to take a listen. Now the album is a number of years old and has a decidedly early 90’s Christian music folk sound, but…it floored me.

There I am sitting in the car and my eyes are welling up and emotions are bombarding me and the freshness of Rich’s delivery and lyrics has taken over. I heard “Hold Me Jesus” like it was the first time I had ever heard it.

Perhaps it was the first time I really heard what Rich was trying to say in those words. Whatever the case I had to pull into Barnes & Nobles and get out of the car to pull myself together. Emotions are such powerful things. They can be allies or adversaries.

I am thankful that my day was invaded by the late Rich Mullins. A liturgy is a path to God’s presence; a legacy is something that lives on after we are gone. I’d say Rich’s album title was prophetic and true – at least today, long after Rich’s too early passing, it brought me to God’s presence, and let me know Him just a little more.

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One Comment on “Rich Mullins”

  1. Jaime Largaespada Says:

    Chris…great blog! I have enjoyed reading your posts. I must say, this post does remind me to LISTEN! I am now wanting to go LISTEN again to “Hold Me Jesus.”

    Thanks for your honesty!

    Jaime Largaespada

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