Father’s Day

How can I not write about Father’s Day. I am a father and it is the best thing in life to have two (I have two) charming princesses to love and help through the heights and depths of life. They teach me about myself and how to receive love, and hopefully I teach them what love is supposed to be about and give them the confidence to reach for the stars.

As I watch them grow and become young ladies I am amazed at the way the word “blossom” is not a cliche, it’s truth. They are becoming masters of subtlety both in observing and interacting. They see things in a different way and consistently astound me. Of course they are both different, but I see their mother in each one and know that because of that they will grow up to be women who know themselves and don’t cower to a set mold. They will be individual, independant and incredible.

As a father, how can I say more, but that each day I am thankful and grateful to be close enough to and aware enough of my girls to watch them transform from girls to women.  What a beautiful mystery to see each day weave the intricate tapestry of my “two princesses of Georgia”.

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One Comment on “Father’s Day”

  1. Joe Says:

    Great blogging man! I love reading your posts. You have a way with words. Always good stuff to read and it helps me to grow. Thanks!

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