Georgia Football is Back!!!

Can’t say how good it is to have college football back. Can’t say how bad it is not to be able to see the first game -thank God for radio and Larry Munson! As expected the Dawgs beat Georgia Southern, but more than that is the expected ethos – the feeling – of college football. Saturdays now have even greater purpose and a place that felt so good last year is now back like an old friend gone on an extended vacation.

Don’t want to get too sappy so “Time out”. Check out your life and try to identify the different “ethos” you experience. What is the ethos of work, family, church, school, etc? If you like it, great, relish it and enjoy it. If you don’t, think of ways you can transform the ethos to be one that feels like a comfortable T-shirt. Don’t think that because you aren’t “the Boss” that you can’t change the feel of your workplace. Every time you change something about yourself, you change everything about your relationships with colleagues, friends and family.


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