I met our new neighbors today. Harry and Nancy are the newest residents in our quaint little subdivision somewhere in Middle Georgia. This morning I walked out to the car to hear the sound of Canadian Geese overhead. I would have shot, if I’d have had my gun, but then I would probably have a new assignment in a small cell.

Harry and Nancy are older that I am and have lived through some amazing world events. I was taken by how much we have to gain by investing into knowing the people who live next to us. In a world where, according to a new report, social networking is more popular now than on-line porn, out inter connectivity to actual humans in our vicinity is less and less.

Fred Rogers used to ask me every day if I would be his neighbor, and each day that I did, I learned new and interesting stuff. Take some time and get to know a neighbor. The wealth that it will bring to your own life will surprise you.

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