Last week I read a book in which a key way to produce action and innovation within an organization is to activate “insultants”. I have to admit, at first I thought he was talking about having people who are free enough to tell you, the leader, the hard things and in fact, insult you. I was wrong.

The author used a different point of view on the idea of “consultants”. Typically consultants originate outside of an organization. They provide valuable insight because they are outsiders, however, that same reason – coming from the outside – blinds consultants from culture nuances and unsaid generally accepted protocols unique to different businesses.

The suggestion of “insultants” – consultants from within the business structure – is a great idea that has implications far beyond work environments. By giving some a responsibility to become aware and constructively question practices and actions, a wealth of information can be gleaned.

We can turn this practice to our own lives. If we do not have someone who knows our quirks and also has the freedom to tell us when we vear close to or cross the line, we should look at our relationship account and consider it lacking and in the red. The most valuable asset we can have are people who can constructively view our lives through the “who we are now” while looking toward the “who we want to be” and help us to get there.

If you don’t have a personal “insultant” hire one and you’ll be amazed at the difference a shift in perspective and a new voice can make.

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