Happy First Anniversary!

It has been one year since I began blogging. Last year we were in the middle of a series called “Whatever It Takes”, and this year finds me in much more of the same place, only more extreme goals and ideas for next year. The concept of “Whatever It Takes” was about catalizing people to volunteer in areas inside the church – BTW the people of Lifepoint have done great.

More is still to come and I’ll be getting down to brass tacks in the coming weeks, but once you make the decision to do “Whatever It Takes” there really isn’t any place for stepping back.

As with anything we do in life, I have learned a number of lessons concerning blogging:

1. You may think nobody’s reading, but they are

2. When you feel a need to rant…don’t

3. Use the platform to encourage people in the development of their lives.

4. Be prepared for the parodox of your opinion.

5. When you feel the need to open yourself up a little more…do

6. You’re not going to make a living at this

7. Check your spelling twice

8. Check your hyperlinks three times

9. You don’t have to be an expert to comment on something

and finally…

10. People that you never thought you would become connected with will turn out to be the greatest teachers

Here we go again!

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