About a week ago something great happened to me. I was in a funk and feeling particularly blah. Normally I would not resort to cleaning my office, but this time – I did. As I was sorting through papers and throwing things out, I came across the card pictured above. It has been several years since my Grandad passed. He and I had a distinct connection, and I could swear sometimes he is right in the room with me.

On this particular day, he was not only in the room, he wrote me a note. It had been written years earlier, but was right on time this day. Each day we are given opportunites to give tangible expressions of our true nature to others. When we send the card/email or make the phone call or go and visit face-to-face, we are being the hand of our Father stretched out to one of His children.

I know that my day was instantly better, but I also know that you are empowered to “instantly better” someone’s day today. Take a moment and make the call you’ve been meaning to make, write the note you’ve been wanting to write.

Make the connection because it just might outlive you!

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