Tiger Woods – “Yes He (and We) Can!”

OK we’ve seen the great Tiger win and win and win. Some have said he made a mistake to play while injured, I just think he is an animal. Also, for the record, I don’t think he’ll be out the entire season.

Chip Brown went to Florida in March to take a look at the Woods phenomenon. Brown looked at the relationship between Tiger and us, and how Tigers greatness fulfills a need for greatness the many of us have deep in our hearts.

Brown writes, “You’re writing about a relationship, and you’re projecting on to him. It has to do with what we bring to the theater. If we didn’t bring that ache, that hunger to see him prevail, then we wouldn’t find it answered in Woods. It’s an equation.”

“The subject himself is actually fairly mundane, especially when he doesn’t have a golf club in his hand.” He focuses on the fascinating thing that is created between Woods and his admirers.

“The poet David Ignatow wrote about that ‘wild third thing’, that thing that two people make in concert.” Brown says that the thing that drew him was the “strange equation between the champion and those who venerate him.”

“Truthfully, it seems only a matter of time before Tiger will be known as the greatest golfer who has ever lived. We will be watching him, needing him to be exceptional so that we can feel exceptional also. Tiger is that rare champion who can ‘carry us beyond ourselves.'”

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2 Comments on “Tiger Woods – “Yes He (and We) Can!””

  1. Joe Says:

    Love the post but I have a question. Probably a question that I would like some dialog on for my own self. Is this not the exact opposite of what DeMello speaks of in Awareness. If I “need him to be exceptional so that I can feel exceptional” am I not not totally unAware? If my feeling about myself and my happiness and fulfillment is locked to his then do I have the capacity to ever be truly free or am I bound to him?
    This raises the question about the entire human race. Are we “ONE BLOOD”? If so then I guess maybe DeMello may not be totally aware or maybe they both are very aware of reality. OK, I’m rambling now!

  2. Chris Says:

    Joe, you are right on in Chip’s attitude being one of an “unaware” person. His observations of other “unaware” people who need to project themselves onto Tiger in order to feel good was the inspiration for the article. Codependancy, or the addiction to someone elses emotions, is one of the biggest symptoms of an unaware life. Good insight!

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