Georgia vs. Gamecocks – Ugggga!

OK, let it be known that the tendency for Georgia to forget who they are when playing South Carolina has got to stop. Maybe Spurrier has some chemical compound blown into the locker room, or, based on the exceptional timekeeping, it could just be some noxious form of mold in the air vents, whatever causes the mental breakdown we experience each year we must find it and not allow it to happen again!

Needless to say, this game was sloppy and mushy and long and rather boring. Based on the caliber of both teams, none on those adjectives should be used. Individually the teams are, because of being in the SEC, highly capable of presenting a wonderful game full of excitement and determination. The excitement of this game was focused on the refs and whether the game clocks would come into sync and proveĀ some theory of relational synchronicity.

All in all, great to see the Dawgs pull another one out. Would have liked a little more, but as they say – a win is a win. Looking forward to next week against Arizona State.

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