Stanley Cup Finals

Alright guys, I love sports though I don’t look the part. That said, I’ve loved hockey for a long time and have looked on with a bit of question as the sport has gone down in public popularity. But I have to say that tonight was one of the best games I’ve seen.

One of the big qutes I got was “Don’t try to referee the game just play.” How true is that in the way we work in both church and life. If we focus on playing the game and leave the refereeing to the referees, then we focus on doing what we can do – that thing that defines us and gives us a lift when we are DOING it. The second hardest part of life is to find that “thing” that only you do, but the hardest part of life is keeping focused on it.

The Penguins played their heart out and moved past the need to referee and eventually they won the game.

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