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Pillars Part 2

August 11, 2008

Sunday was a great experience as we looked deeper into the importance of living a disciplined life. Often we find ourselves in searching for truth going to extremes in order to find balance. The Ying and yang alone are powerful forces, but put together they create a harmony – a balance.

Thomas A`Kempis wrote about being an imitator of Christ as was mentioned by quoting Ephesians. This is obviously not an easy task, but it brings with it an excitement in that we have been asked to do the imitating. We are not invading God’s space or being disrespectful to try and imitate Him. Instead we are walking exactly in the path He wishes.

I loved the Dallas Willard quote – “Grace is not opposed to effort, it is opposed to earning”. We can’t earn any more than we have, but we still must remain active and moving. We must still “be about the Father’s business.”


August 2, 2008

This Sunday we begin a new series based on some of the foundational ideas/doctrines/disciplines of the church. We will be looking at prayer, serving, fasting and all kinds of subjects that you may have heard about, but were unsure of their existence/relevance in today’s spiritual culture.

This is going to be a great change of pace and I’m certain it will bothrefresh and revive many people. Don’t miss this important new look at something old in the church.

Box Top or Puzzle Piece?

July 27, 2008

Today’s message was spot on about the need to look closely at where we are positioning ourselves in our spiritual walk. Some of the questions that were brought up were – “Are we to follow the picture we’ve been given in putting the pieces together?” or should we “let the pieces come together and follow where they are leading us?”

In the church world there is so much static in the airwaves, that to gain some understanding of what to do and where to go is virtually impossible. Everyone considers themselves an expert and wants you to follow “their way”.

When we stop and speak to God and listen and allow Him to work in us – however that may look or feel – we gain the authentic knowing that can only come from God. When we’ve heard what we should do, there is always a degree of question, but when we engage the spiritual and receive a response, our steadfastness becomes far more secure. Jesus was very truthful when He said, “Seek and you will find.” Our path will only reveal itself when we begin to walk it out…one step at a time.

One Prayer – Mark Batterson

June 29, 2008

Had a great Week Two in the One Prayer series. Mark’s message on dreaming was great. One of the best parts was the formula he gave. I’m not big on formulas, but when they work, they work.

He said that “Change of PLACE + Change of PACE= CHANGE OF PERSPECTIVE”.

That has a HUGE¬†application in virtually every area of our lives. Constant changing of our perspective is critical to having fresh eyes on our lives. When we root ourselves in a particular place for too long, we become blind to the familiar. Recently I heard someone say that the only difference between a weed and a flower is judgment. Judgement takes perspective – and not just one perspective (that’s why we have juries).

I saw a video on YouTube where a person was blasting another guy because of the other guy’s way of doing things (insert “church”). When we lose perspective we lose everything. The words that come out of our mouths can be surprising, even to us when we hear them later.

I knwo Mark’s prayer was that “God make us Dreamers”, but “God give us Perspective” would have been great too.

One Prayer Week Two

June 28, 2008

Tomorrow we will be hearing from a great guy. Mark Batterson will be following Craig Groeschel from last week with his One Prayer – Lord Make us Dreamers. Having a dream is such an important part of living a fulfilled life. Mark pastors in Washington D.C. where his church also runs an award winning coffee house, Ebenezer’s.

Mark wrote the book, “In a Pit, with a Lion on a Snowy Day”, a book that had profound impact to me personally and because of that to the church itself. We’ve only got a few of the books to give away for each service so – heads up.

Special Sunday Announcement

June 27, 2008

If you regularly read this blog, or have just started to read, you will have access to something amazing this Sunday at Lifepoint. This Sunday we will hear from Mark Batterson (I’ll tell you some more tomorrow). We will be giving away 3 books, A Lion in a Pit on a Snowy Day, each service. We’ve done give-aways before and there are only so many ways to give items away.

This Sunday after the first song (so you need to be in the auditorium), I’ll be doing an introduction to the service. During that time I’ll be doing the give-away. When I ask for the “magic word”, you need to jump up and shout out the word – AWARE.

So the magic word is AWARE.

This will be a way for us to promote the website and have fun at the same time. The book is a great, inspiring, easy read that has effected everyone on staff. So remember to be AWARE and shout out AWARE when I ask for the “magic word”.

See you Sunday!


First Week of One Prayer

June 22, 2008

Lifepoint is a wonderful place. Can I say it again? Lifepoint is a wonderful place. The first week of One Prayer was great. Hearing from someone else and matrixing their point of view with our own has a magical quality about it. Sometimes a whole new perspective is gleaned. Sometimes when we hear something from a third party it carries more weight and we respond better. Think about (if you have kids) when you have told your child to do something and their response was let’s say…lacking.

Now think of times when the same words that come out of your mouth, came out of another adult’s mouth and your children reacted as though that were the first time they had ever heard those words. Same thing when hearing from someone somewhere else. We listen with different ears, and the results can be amazing.

We accomplished the change in the set by using a stencil of one of the One Prayer logos. The effect on the floor was done by using a gloss paint over a flat of the same color.

One of the things I loved about this morning was the baptisms. They have to be my favorite aspect of displayed Christianity. It is such a visceral moment to watch someone you know be baptized. I’m so very grateful to be part of the large story God is telling through the lives and events at Lifepoint.

Can’t wait until next week! I’ll tell you more about what’s coming up later in the week.