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One Prayer – Mark Batterson

June 29, 2008

Had a great Week Two in the One Prayer series. Mark’s message on dreaming was great. One of the best parts was the formula he gave. I’m not big on formulas, but when they work, they work.

He said that “Change of PLACE + Change of PACE= CHANGE OF PERSPECTIVE”.

That has a HUGE application in virtually every area of our lives. Constant changing of our perspective is critical to having fresh eyes on our lives. When we root ourselves in a particular place for too long, we become blind to the familiar. Recently I heard someone say that the only difference between a weed and a flower is judgment. Judgement takes perspective – and not just one perspective (that’s why we have juries).

I saw a video on YouTube where a person was blasting another guy because of the other guy’s way of doing things (insert “church”). When we lose perspective we lose everything. The words that come out of our mouths can be surprising, even to us when we hear them later.

I knwo Mark’s prayer was that “God make us Dreamers”, but “God give us Perspective” would have been great too.

One Prayer Week Two

June 28, 2008

Tomorrow we will be hearing from a great guy. Mark Batterson will be following Craig Groeschel from last week with his One Prayer – Lord Make us Dreamers. Having a dream is such an important part of living a fulfilled life. Mark pastors in Washington D.C. where his church also runs an award winning coffee house, Ebenezer’s.

Mark wrote the book, “In a Pit, with a Lion on a Snowy Day”, a book that had profound impact to me personally and because of that to the church itself. We’ve only got a few of the books to give away for each service so – heads up.

Special Sunday Announcement

June 27, 2008

If you regularly read this blog, or have just started to read, you will have access to something amazing this Sunday at Lifepoint. This Sunday we will hear from Mark Batterson (I’ll tell you some more tomorrow). We will be giving away 3 books, A Lion in a Pit on a Snowy Day, each service. We’ve done give-aways before and there are only so many ways to give items away.

This Sunday after the first song (so you need to be in the auditorium), I’ll be doing an introduction to the service. During that time I’ll be doing the give-away. When I ask for the “magic word”, you need to jump up and shout out the word – AWARE.

So the magic word is AWARE.

This will be a way for us to promote the website and have fun at the same time. The book is a great, inspiring, easy read that has effected everyone on staff. So remember to be AWARE and shout out AWARE when I ask for the “magic word”.

See you Sunday!


First Week of One Prayer

June 22, 2008

Lifepoint is a wonderful place. Can I say it again? Lifepoint is a wonderful place. The first week of One Prayer was great. Hearing from someone else and matrixing their point of view with our own has a magical quality about it. Sometimes a whole new perspective is gleaned. Sometimes when we hear something from a third party it carries more weight and we respond better. Think about (if you have kids) when you have told your child to do something and their response was let’s say…lacking.

Now think of times when the same words that come out of your mouth, came out of another adult’s mouth and your children reacted as though that were the first time they had ever heard those words. Same thing when hearing from someone somewhere else. We listen with different ears, and the results can be amazing.

We accomplished the change in the set by using a stencil of one of the One Prayer logos. The effect on the floor was done by using a gloss paint over a flat of the same color.

One of the things I loved about this morning was the baptisms. They have to be my favorite aspect of displayed Christianity. It is such a visceral moment to watch someone you know be baptized. I’m so very grateful to be part of the large story God is telling through the lives and events at Lifepoint.

Can’t wait until next week! I’ll tell you more about what’s coming up later in the week.

One Prayer

June 21, 2008

We are starting the series One Prayer tomorrow. We are one week behind other churches because of our own church schedule, but we are excited about this experiment of using messages by video from other churches around the country.

This will be a first for us, but I think it will have a great impact and also let our attenders take a look into other churches and hear other communicators. I can’t wait, it should be great!

What Are We Here For?

June 8, 2008

Today we finish out the series “God and Your Bod”. We’ve discussed the eyes, ears, mouth, feet and conclude with the hands. How to glorify God with our hands.

I’m writing this after the musical portion of the first of our three services. The last song we sang was “Amazing Grace (My Chains are Gone)” made popular by Chris Tomlin. Louie Giglio the founder of the Passion movement spoke about how this song came about. Chris had been asked to remake “Amazing Grace” for the movie of the same name about William Wilberforce’s struggle to end slavery in England.

Talk about a tall order. Remake the most familiar song in the world? As it turned out, Chris did remake the song, and by all accounts did a great job. Louie jokes that some of the kids listening to Chris and his contemporaries will think he (Chris) wrote “Amazing Grace”. In the chorus, Chris took the context of the song and put it into words of action – “My chains are gone, I’ve been set free.” 

I have to be honest, as a Creative Pastor, it is a great thing to plan services and create environments condusive for people to meet God, but what is greater than that is seeing it happen right before your eyes. Greater still is to be able to experience it alongside the people whose stories you are familiar with, and know that their chains are gone and they have been set free.

No greater joy is there than when you have done all that you can do and then see God take it a quantum step further. None of it would be possible without a team of people – musicians, singers, tech people – who have the same desire of creating environments that help people “tune in” to God.

Today we talk about using our hands to glorify God. I’m grateful for those who use their “hands” each Sunday to glorify God.

Thanks to: Gerry Marshall, Kevin Kinkade, Joe Booker, Kim Hague, Chris McCray, Gary Lane, Amy Hildreth (who gives me more support and love than I think I’m worth), John Sloan, Eli Hoffman, Jed Broussard, Lauren Evans, Casey Leeb, Lauren Gill, Bianca Broussard, Laura Kinkade and all of the other volunteers who make Sundays run so smoothly.

What are we here for? We are here to use what we have for the greater good, in the moment, to glorify God by actively pursuing God’s “kingdom here on earth as it is in Heaven”.

Just Words?

June 1, 2008

Words – are they just words?

Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country – Kennedy

I have a dream – Martin Luther King Jr.

Mr. Gorbachev tear down that wall – Ronald Reagan

Lincoln at Gettysburg

These words unified and catalyzed a nation, but words can also have negative consequences.

I am not a crook – Nixon

No new taxes – Bush Sr.

I did not have sex with that woman – Clinton

Intrinsic in words are power, influence and impact. Today’s message we talked about this issue of words. It should cause us pause as we prepare for the events of life. Words are free and we can use them however we choose, but the choosing is perhaps the hardest part.

The easy thing is to just say what we feel and let the chips fall wherever and on whoever they will, but the hard thing is to control and harness our words to become the most effective life creating thing we have.

Today, look for opportunities to change a situation from negative to positive with just the power of your words.

Matters of the Heart

May 25, 2008

To continue on the talk we heard this morning, the issues of the heart are, without a doubt, issues that define who we are in the moment. The way we respond determines our future. In times of stress and anxiety the struggle between the heart and the mind can become fierce, but we have the last say in which one wins.

In every situation our heart plays a dominant roll because the heart listens and speaks on a different level than the mind. Actions that may seem perfectly coherent and logical with the mind can cause the heart tremendous stress. In relationships, arrangements and group activity the mind and heart are continually vying for dominance.

We can work on trying to alleviate this pressure, but the focus of our attention should be on watching and observing our actions. Taking ourselves out of the situation and looking through the eyes of an observer can cause us to experience frustrating and exhausting heart/mind struggles in a different way.

As an observer, we don’t “have a dog in the race”. Our position is merely to watch and see what is happening. Many times when we do this one thing, the attitude and build up of emotional pressure will be lessened considerably making way for a more rational approach to a problem or set of circumstances.

The battle between heart/mind ownership won’t stop, but observation can remove the power they both try to wield.

To Tip or Not to Tip

May 4, 2008

I think today’s message had more to do with “God and Your Bod” than we first thought. The idea of taking care of you body has to lead into thinking about more than just maintaining or “watching out for” your body. To see success in any area, especially issues about our bodies, we have to have both a plan of application and a plan of execution. If we fail in either of these we will not see the level of success we are capable of.

I’ve started “diets” many times. I had an “eating plan” or an “exercise plan”, but I failed to have a plan of execution. Without execution, no plan will succeed. In our church we have plans, but if we cannot execute them because of lack of interest or funds we won’t see the success we know we are capable of.

I know that talking about money can effect people differently. The greatest effect of today’s message would be to catalyze us to action and movement. When we use the resources God has entrusted us with and freely use them to accomplish things larger than ourselves, we become a part of a cumulative wave enacting and accomplishing God’s purposes for us.

Many good organizations “talk” about doing things, but ultimately the result is just talk. The greatest thing we can take away from today is that we have an opportunity to be a major voice in our community and “do” things. It will take time, effort and money, but the lasting impact will continue far longer than we can even begin to think.

One Prayer

May 3, 2008

We have a series coming up in the month of June that will be more unique than any we’ve done before. I can’t tell you everything about it, but I will whet your appetite by asking you this question. If you had the opportunity to say what your one prayer for the church (the big “c” Church at large global community) would be, what would you say?

Would your one prayer be that we be united or that we think of the less fortunate more? Comment and let me know what is on your mind as you think about the question of, “what is your one prayer for the Church?”