To Tip or Not to Tip

I think today’s message had more to do with “God and Your Bod” than we first thought. The idea of taking care of you body has to lead into thinking about more than just maintaining or “watching out for” your body. To see success in any area, especially issues about our bodies, we have to have both a plan of application and a plan of execution. If we fail in either of these we will not see the level of success we are capable of.

I’ve started “diets” many times. I had an “eating plan” or an “exercise plan”, but I failed to have a plan of execution. Without execution, no plan will succeed. In our church we have plans, but if we cannot execute them because of lack of interest or funds we won’t see the success we know we are capable of.

I know that talking about money can effect people differently. The greatest effect of today’s message would be to catalyze us to action and movement. When we use the resources God has entrusted us with and freely use them to accomplish things larger than ourselves, we become a part of a cumulative wave enacting and accomplishing God’s purposes for us.

Many good organizations “talk” about doing things, but ultimately the result is just talk. The greatest thing we can take away from today is that we have an opportunity to be a major voice in our community and “do” things. It will take time, effort and money, but the lasting impact will continue far longer than we can even begin to think.

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One Comment on “To Tip or Not to Tip”

  1. Mike Scarborough Says:

    Very good word Chris. Great days are ahead for LPC and for us. I love you man!

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