Matters of the Heart

To continue on the talk we heard this morning, the issues of the heart are, without a doubt, issues that define who we are in the moment. The way we respond determines our future. In times of stress and anxiety the struggle between the heart and the mind can become fierce, but we have the last say in which one wins.

In every situation our heart plays a dominant roll because the heart listens and speaks on a different level than the mind. Actions that may seem perfectly coherent and logical with the mind can cause the heart tremendous stress. In relationships, arrangements and group activity the mind and heart are continually vying for dominance.

We can work on trying to alleviate this pressure, but the focus of our attention should be on watching and observing our actions. Taking ourselves out of the situation and looking through the eyes of an observer can cause us to experience frustrating and exhausting heart/mind struggles in a different way.

As an observer, we don’t “have a dog in the race”. Our position is merely to watch and see what is happening. Many times when we do this one thing, the attitude and build up of emotional pressure will be lessened considerably making way for a more rational approach to a problem or set of circumstances.

The battle between heart/mind ownership won’t stop, but observation can remove the power they both try to wield.

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