One Prayer – Mark Batterson

Had a great Week Two in the One Prayer series. Mark’s message on dreaming was great. One of the best parts was the formula he gave. I’m not big on formulas, but when they work, they work.

He said that “Change of PLACE + Change of PACE= CHANGE OF PERSPECTIVE”.

That has a HUGE application in virtually every area of our lives. Constant changing of our perspective is critical to having fresh eyes on our lives. When we root ourselves in a particular place for too long, we become blind to the familiar. Recently I heard someone say that the only difference between a weed and a flower is judgment. Judgement takes perspective – and not just one perspective (that’s why we have juries).

I saw a video on YouTube where a person was blasting another guy because of the other guy’s way of doing things (insert “church”). When we lose perspective we lose everything. The words that come out of our mouths can be surprising, even to us when we hear them later.

I knwo Mark’s prayer was that “God make us Dreamers”, but “God give us Perspective” would have been great too.

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