Just Words?

Words – are they just words?

Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country – Kennedy

I have a dream – Martin Luther King Jr.

Mr. Gorbachev tear down that wall – Ronald Reagan

Lincoln at Gettysburg

These words unified and catalyzed a nation, but words can also have negative consequences.

I am not a crook – Nixon

No new taxes – Bush Sr.

I did not have sex with that woman – Clinton

Intrinsic in words are power, influence and impact. Today’s message we talked about this issue of words. It should cause us pause as we prepare for the events of life. Words are free and we can use them however we choose, but the choosing is perhaps the hardest part.

The easy thing is to just say what we feel and let the chips fall wherever and on whoever they will, but the hard thing is to control and harness our words to become the most effective life creating thing we have.

Today, look for opportunities to change a situation from negative to positive with just the power of your words.

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