Special Sunday Announcement

If you regularly read this blog, or have just started to read, you will have access to something amazing this Sunday at Lifepoint. This Sunday we will hear from Mark Batterson (I’ll tell you some more tomorrow). We will be giving away 3 books, A Lion in a Pit on a Snowy Day, each service. We’ve done give-aways before and there are only so many ways to give items away.

This Sunday after the first song (so you need to be in the auditorium), I’ll be doing an introduction to the service. During that time I’ll be doing the give-away. When I ask for the “magic word”, you need to jump up and shout out the word – AWARE.

So the magic word is AWARE.

This will be a way for us to promote the ourlifepoint.net website and have fun at the same time. The book is a great, inspiring, easy read that has effected everyone on staff. So remember to be AWARE and shout out AWARE when I ask for the “magic word”.

See you Sunday!


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