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At the Q Conference

April 9, 2008

I’m at the Q Conference in NYC and what about I forgot my power cord, so……I’m going to post a play by play of the conference, but it will have to wait until I get back to GA. For now though I’m having a great time meeting great people and experiencing a wonderful time of community, catching up with people I met last year and making new friends.

Q Conference – 12 Days – Venue

March 29, 2008

Q is being held at Gotham Hall in New York City. It sits on Broadway just a few blocks from Times Square. This should provide a provocative environment for thought and ideas.
Originally, the building was the headquarters of the Greenwich Savings Bank.
The one thing that I appreciate about Gabe and his crew is the thought they put into the details of the Q Experience.

Q Conference – 13 Days – Learning Journey

March 28, 2008

Every year Q includes a Learning Journey in the experience. Last year you could choose between a tour of CNN or the High Museum of Art. I chose the museum and had a great time. It rained the whole day, but inside the museum you were separated from the weather.

This year there are several different Learning Journeys ranging from Free Hugs to homelessness to urbanism and a view at the Chelsea art district. These all point to a desire for us to begin to “do” something instead of “talking” about things.

Action is crucial if we are to have a lasting impact in our culture.

Q Conference – culture – 14 days

March 27, 2008

Culture is perhaps the most intriguing part of the Q Conference. Since last year the questions and speakers comments have found a way to entangle themselves in a great deal of my thought and conversation.

Being aware and learning how to see into culture can help us in our developing and creating culture that evokes the core of the gospel. Christ, in his many forms, shows up throughout our local and global culture. If we are to become cognizant of his presence we must first shed preconceptions and assumed views. The ability to step outside of ourselves and view our life as an observer would view our life, greatly enhances our success in separating the vision of our lives from the assumed to the actual.

This is one of the greatest results of last years Q Conference. I was able to look at the world that exists around me, if for a few days, from an entirely different perspective. This change in viewpoint allows for great growth and new thought sustainability.

Countdown to Q Conference

March 26, 2008

In 15 days I’ll be headed to the Big Apple for the second annual Q Conference. It is hosted by the Fermi Project and led by Gabe Lyons, the originator of the Catalyst Conference in Atlanta – a must if you haven’t experienced it yet. Last year Q was held in Atlanta at The Tabernacle – a great venue.

To find out about the presenters and their info. A great blog is Life of Linne. He has posted them in question format and it is a good refresher. One of the great thoughts early on last year came from Gabe. It talked about not being offended, but being provoked. He elaborated that provocation leads to engagement. Engagement is exactly where I want to be. Kevin Kelley was by far my favorite presenter. I had read a couple of his books and knew they were the inspiration for the Matrix Trilogy.

Being able to talk with him for a brief time was truly an honor. His mind is able to think ahead while still remaining in the present. Though his talent is in being able to spot the trends of the future, his words were startlingly relevant for today.

Getting Ready for Q

February 20, 2008


Well, preparations are underway for the second annual Q Conference. This one will be held in New York at Gotham Hall. It should prove to be as exciting and fulfilling as last year in Atlanta. The list of presenters and learning experiences are terrific. In about a week or so, I’ll begin to review last year’s Q Conference and look ahead to what’s coming this year in April.


October 2, 2007

catalyst conference

Looking forward to the Catalyst Conference this week. We’ll be leaving tomorrow morning at the butt-crack of dawn – so I may not remember the trip up to Atlanta – but the lab line-up looks good. I wish my friend Margaret Feinberg was speaking this year  – she did an awesome job the two previous Catalyst’s – but I’m looking forward to hearing Tri Robinson. I got his book earlier this year at the Q Conference and thought it was great.

Hoping the Gwinnett Center is wi-fi. The internet cafe is always packed full, and I want to do a real-time update on the sessions. I met a guy from Church at Q and his team is trying to use their influence to positively effect churches. He had attended Q with the purpose of blogging – so I have been inspired.