Q Conference – culture – 14 days

Culture is perhaps the most intriguing part of the Q Conference. Since last year the questions and speakers comments have found a way to entangle themselves in a great deal of my thought and conversation.

Being aware and learning how to see into culture can help us in our developing and creating culture that evokes the core of the gospel. Christ, in his many forms, shows up throughout our local and global culture. If we are to become cognizant of his presence we must first shed preconceptions and assumed views. The ability to step outside of ourselves and view our life as an observer would view our life, greatly enhances our success in separating the vision of our lives from the assumed to the actual.

This is one of the greatest results of last years Q Conference. I was able to look at the world that exists around me, if for a few days, from an entirely different perspective. This change in viewpoint allows for great growth and new thought sustainability.

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