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October 17, 2007

I don’t know if I need to recant or what, but what I do know is that – though subtle – I know that the beginnings of a “reverberation” are taking place personally. The conference was, from my perspective, what I’ve written. However, I think that I’m finding that even though the production aspects weren’t what I expected, there does seem to be an awarness of some things that I previously ignored.

One of those is that the events that have the most impact, like the services we produce, may not be the ones that are the smoothest and sharpest. I strive for our services to have a high “wow” effect, but I have to admit that I would rather have “wow” impact than “wow” effect. The influence we have on others has to count for more than a good show. Something must be left when the environment is gone. In other words, Catalyst could not have been that bad if I am still earnestly thinking about it.

Whatever It Takes

October 12, 2007

whatever-it-takes-title.jpgFor the past few weeks (6 ) we have been doing a series called Whatever It Takes. The purpose has been to create a culture of serving within our people.  The third week of the series was the week we went to Catalyst. Since returning I really have found that there were things that occured during the conference that just now are beginning to surface. True, I’ve posted about the things in Catalyst that I didn’t care for, but last night we had a group meeting and decided to discuss what positive benefits we gathered from the experience.

I had to think awhile, but the resounding idea that kept coming to my mind was the importance of leveraging our influence as a generation on the future of the next generation. Instead of trying to accomplish and invest in endless projects for ourselves now, why not think in terms of the “long tail” of our own influence and begin to do things purposfully for the future. It is important not to become too “future minded”, but it is vital that we look ahead and become, almost like David, a stockpiler of influence and knowledge for those who will come after us. We need to become known as people who “live the life” instead of a church that does this or that project – our good deed for the year.

 I’m not saying that individual projects should be abandoned, just that they should be done in the context of a complete approach to a life of service and responsibilty.

last about the Catalyst conference

October 9, 2007


All in all the conference was alright. Do I feel I got my money’s worth? Yes. However, compared to earlier years when I thought I got my money’s worth in the first session, I had to wait until after lunch the second day before I felt the same way.

In the same thought though, I am looking forward to the Orange Conference with Reggie and the Q Conference in New York this coming spring. Gabe Lyons, who founded Catalyst and left it a couple of years ago to create Fermi, is an example of someone who has his ear to the pulse of the culture. Perhaps they should ask him to consult for next years Catalyst.

the conference – Day 1

October 8, 2007


I know I’m writing this after the conference is officially over, but I needed some time to see if my gut reaction was due to personal preference or not. I have to say that prolonging a mediocre at best event by 2 hours was , let me see….. trying. Considering that this is a leadership conference, it was obvious from the beginning that someone – and I have to think there’s more than just one – dropped the ball in the leadership department.

Let me say that I know some of these guys and it’s not easy to be critical. Had there been only a few problems, I could overlook it and cover it with good stuff- I couldn’t. Lanny was off -really so was Reggie. They seemed more uncomfortable than in previous years. The speakers were alright and the highlight had to be the discussion between Steve Foster of XXXchurch fame, Tri Robinson, Gabe Lyons and David Kinnaman.
The theme was reverb, but not much effect happened the first day. 

Third Session

October 4, 2007


I have to say that for this session I was in limbo. There were a couple of labs I wanted to hear, but couldn’t decide. In the end I stood in the back of Jud Wilhite’s teaching. His talk was full of stories that he has experienced over the years in his work in Las Vegas. Definitely going to take a second look at his book, Stripped.

A few more hours…

October 2, 2007

Won’t be long until we are on our way to Atlanta for the Catalyst Conference. 10 hours to be exact. Wanted to get in a little more editorial on the conference. We are supposed to be bringing a special guest for Friday, but there is some question as to whether it will happen – fingers crossed. Reverb – can’t wait to see what record we break this year! Whatever we do, I’m certain it will be beyond out-of-the-box.


October 2, 2007

catalyst conference

Looking forward to the Catalyst Conference this week. We’ll be leaving tomorrow morning at the butt-crack of dawn – so I may not remember the trip up to Atlanta – but the lab line-up looks good. I wish my friend Margaret Feinberg was speaking this year  – she did an awesome job the two previous Catalyst’s – but I’m looking forward to hearing Tri Robinson. I got his book earlier this year at the Q Conference and thought it was great.

Hoping the Gwinnett Center is wi-fi. The internet cafe is always packed full, and I want to do a real-time update on the sessions. I met a guy from Church at Q and his team is trying to use their influence to positively effect churches. He had attended Q with the purpose of blogging – so I have been inspired.