Countdown to Q Conference

In 15 days I’ll be headed to the Big Apple for the second annual Q Conference. It is hosted by the Fermi Project and led by Gabe Lyons, the originator of the Catalyst Conference in Atlanta – a must if you haven’t experienced it yet. Last year Q was held in Atlanta at The Tabernacle – a great venue.

To find out about the presenters and their info. A great blog is Life of Linne. He has posted them in question format and it is a good refresher. One of the great thoughts early on last year came from Gabe. It talked about not being offended, but being provoked. He elaborated that provocation leads to engagement. Engagement is exactly where I want to be. Kevin Kelley was by far my favorite presenter. I had read a couple of his books and knew they were the inspiration for the Matrix Trilogy.

Being able to talk with him for a brief time was truly an honor. His mind is able to think ahead while still remaining in the present. Though his talent is in being able to spot the trends of the future, his words were startlingly relevant for today.

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