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Success Question Pt 5

April 19, 2009

This next question has to do with what you should do with your life. In the next thirty seconds answer this question:

“What have you always wanted to do but have been too afraid to attempt?”

This is a core question that reaches deep into who you are. Something to remember is that the fact that you have wanted to do this could mean that this is what you are to do. Whatever is your hearts desire could be what you are supposed to do with your life. The real answer here is that your experiences and relationships have been directing you toward something that is one step ahead of you. Fear of failure is the only thing holding you back from doing that thing you have always wanted to do.

You always have the choice to proceed forward or hesitate.

Success Question Part 4

April 15, 2009

This next question is similar to the last one but involves a different commodity – time. Take a minute to answer this question:

“What would you do, how would you spend your time if you knew you had six months to live?”

I’m not talking about being sick and dying, I’m talking about perfect health for six months then death. This is a question that goes back to your values, the things that are important to you. If you would do something like spend more time with the family, then do it. I would bet that no one will answer that they would spend more time at work. When faced with only six months to live, most would chose to spend more time with their family or more experiences that they have been putting off.

This question answers what you really should be doing now. Take that trip; spend more time with your family. Typically if you planned out the trip you think you can’t take, you can. The next question will peer even deeper into who you are and what you were born to do.

Success Question Part 3

April 11, 2009

This next question is one that I’ve heard over the years from many different places. When this question is placed inside this list of questions it is given more importance because is causes the light that is being turned on inside of us to come more and more into focus. The next question you should answer in sixty seconds.

“What would you do, or how would your life change if you had won $1 million dollars tax-free?”

I’m not talking about putting your money in the bank and living on interest. How would your life change? The important thing here is that if you would change your job if you had a million dollars, you are in the wrong job. If you keep saying that you would leave and go somewhere else and quit your job if you won the lottery, you should quit your job now. Your answer is saying that you don’t like your job, but that if you had the freedom to chose that you perceive a chunk of money would give you, you would chose to quit your job.

Life is too short to waste time working a job you dislike. You are doing yourself and your current employer (even if you are self-employed) a disservice. The thought that it could never happen doesn’t change the fact you wrote it down. And the action of writing it down is proof enough that it is attainable.

I’ll say that again: The action of writing it down is proof enough that it is attainable. Think about that for a few days!

Success Questions Pt 2

April 6, 2009

Take the next thirty seconds and answer the following question:

“What are the 3 most important goals you have for your life right now?”

Don’t spend more time qualifying your answers. Like the last post, write down what comes from your gut – your center. When you answer quickly you may even surprise yourself with your answers. When you let the answers come out unfiltered, an authentic view of yourself and knowledge of your real wants and desires will come out. The key is to always remember that there are no wrong answers.

Some will think that if they write down Money or Influence as goals that somehow thoses things are “bad”. The real truth is that money and influence are things that can produce positive good results if used correctly.

Between Christmas and New Years

December 29, 2008

The days that sit between Christmas and New Years have always intrigued me. For months we’ve looked toward the Christmas frenzy and then, in those few days, Christmas is over and the New Year is coming. It is in these days that reflection can come – in between a few naps!


Reflection is good and natural at the end of anything, but especially at the end of a year. The most typical feeling I’ve encountered from people can best be explained by St. Catherine of Siena in her dialogues. God is reported to have said to her, “I am He who is; and you are she who is not.” Have you ever felt that way? Have you ever experienced your is-not-ness?


If you look back on this year and notice items missing or experiences lost; if you’ve come face-to-face with your is-not-ness, recognize it, reframe your plans and reimagine what the next year can be.

Here’s to Change!

December 15, 2008

Sunday was a day for big announcements. John Sloan our bass player was leaving to go to Cincinnati, service times were changing from three back to two services, and I was stepping out into a new place of uncertainty and question marks. Sounds like you should have been there, right?

Change was the topic of conversation. I mentioned Robert Quinn and his book, Deep Change. We all are faced with opportunities to choose Deep Change, yet even in our inaction we make the decision to live within the status quo. The decision to embrace Deep Change is a decision that will shift your way of thinking and making meaning in the world, but it is also the only way in which we can truly grow as human beings. Personal Transformation is a topic that encompasses both the spiritual and mental capacities we posses. In order for a person to experience Spiritual Transformation and Mental Transformation, the lenses with which we see our lives have to also change and be embraced.

The best lenses are the ones we aren’t aware of. When we have a shift in our “seeing”, it takes time for the new lenses to integrate themselves into our lives. The first step is to recognize that the lenses you are currently looking through aren’t letting you see things the way you are accustomed to seeing them. Just like with real eyeglasses, when things start to become hazy and blurry, it’s time for new lenses to clear up your vision.

As I continue on in this journey, I hope you will also share your experiences. I also hope that my decision to embrace transformational change will spur you on to begin your own journey of transformational change.


October 24, 2008

I just finished a new book by Seth Godin. Seth is one of my favorite authors. In just about every case, every book of his that I have purchased has been outstanding. Tribes takes the cake. This is one book you simply must at least give a glance over – I’m certain that you’ll buy it if you glance at it! You would think, at first, that the book would be about Tribes, or a “fable” about a tribe (fables are all the rage now in business writing). You may even think that perhaps Seth is interested in setting up his own tribe. You would be wrong.

Tribes is about you. Tribes is about your inner struggle to become “you”. The book incessantly makes you look at yourself and ask “Why are you not doing what you know you want to do?” Then, before you have a chance to bring up a reason, he’s already told you why the excuse you’re about to give isn’t good enough to warrant inaction.

I’ve begun reading it again and will probably read it several more times. I found myself reading a paragraph or page and then closing the book to think. Then I would read a little bit more and think some more. To say that this was a book whose timing was perfectly matched to my own individual circumstances would be an understatement. The great dividend of this book is that I would bet that I’m not the only person to have those thoughts.

If you have an idea in your mind and have found reasons not to pursue it, read Tribes and then go do it!