Real Success

I’m a quote guy. I love quotes. In fact, I think quotes are better than just rattling off some thought or idea because they have come out of someone else’s mouth. How many times, parents, have you told and retold your child something only to have them come back after hearing the same thing from another individual…and doing it.

Somehow hearing things from outside our normal “tribe” gives the words more meaning. David McCullough says that “real success is finding your lifework in the work that you love.”

When you have found a way to do something you love and get paid doing it, you have found true success. Look at your situation right now and ask the hard question, “Do I love, really love what I’m doing?” “Is what I’m doing something I would do even if I didn’t receive a paycheck?”

The answers to those questions will reveal the reality of your situation. It may be that you are not where you want to be. If you are young, you have time to find what really gives you joy. If you are older, you know what gives you joy, but it may not be the same thing you are employed to do.

Re-evaluation is key in all of the processes of life. Culture and time move on and we must adjust to remain relevant and able to contribute. Ask the hard questions and resolve to put action behind the answers. As Rob Schneider says in every Adam Sandler movie, “You can do it!”

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