There is only one thing I can say about inspiration – It is vital and powerful. OK two things, but the key is that a life lived without inspiration really can’t be classified as living. I am not talking about some things labeled inspirational today. Not talking about a feel good story or song here. The essence of inspiration is to live “in spirit”. When you open your eyes to visibly and spiritually see the world around you, your spirit takes note and responds.

Few of us listen to our own spirit, we are often too busy with the minutia of life. We have schedules and they need to be followed and so on. Inside each of us there is an answer to the question “What am I here for?” We go to others to ask their help, but we know the answer instinctively. Your inner spirit is constantly telling you to “do what you are here to do.”

Quit making excuses and begin with the first step. Today.

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One Comment on “Inspiration”

  1. Kim Thompson Says:

    I LOVE being a subscriber of your site! It is awesome to get an email with your latest blog entry. You are so gifted in sharing your Music and Creativity and now I know how gifted you are in writing and expressing yourself. You, like Joe, have such deep, deep thoughts and really challenge me. Thank you so much! Thank you for allowing God to use you for his service! You and your family are such a blessing to me. Kim

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