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Opening Ceremonies

August 9, 2008

Talk about overwhelming, visually appealing, stunning, creatively astute, dynamic, ancient/future fusion, and the list could go on. By far the best Opening Ceremonies ever. The ebb and flow of intensity was so provoking. More than just your mind, your soul was drawn into the story. For a moment I think we all became Chinese, empathizing with the suffering and struggle and experiencing a kind of global pride in humanity.

There was certainly a feel that the China of old was gone and the new China was breaking out. The experience left an indelible emotional mark that will continue to be felt around the world, and change the global perspective on China in the future.


August 8, 2008

It’s official, the Olympics start today, or if you’re in the US, they’ve already started because it’s tomorrow there. Can’t wait to see the opening ceremony and start watching the games non-stop for a couple of weeks.

I won’t actually watch everything, but I have DVR’d it. I love DVR! And I love the Olympics. Chicago is in the running for the ’16 games along with Rio and Madrid. It would be great to have them back in the states. One of my life goals is to go to the Olympics, so……if you need somebody for the ’12 games let me know!