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compact fluorescent light bulbs

September 10, 2008

Sunday I requested that everyone bring a package of dimmable compact fluorescent light bulbs with them to this Sunday’s service. If you haven’t purchased your light bulbs yet, they can be found at Lowe’s, Home Depot, Walmart and Target among other places. Our goal is to replace all the light bulbs in the church with energy efficient compact fluorescent ones.

You may be a reader and not live in the Middle Georgia area and would also like to help. If so, mail your light bulbs to Lifepoint Church, 120 Walker Road, Byron, Georgia 31008. Also, take a look above you and around you and see if you could replace your own bulbs. Try just one package a week and you’ll be surprised at how quickly they can all be changed.

Each of us doing a little can ultimately do a lot!

Emotional Intelligence

August 25, 2008

No, this is not a review of Daniel Goleman’s book Emotional Intelligence. The book is a great one that brought to the forefront the importance of emotional intelligence in the work place. His later book Social Intelligence is a few books down in my “Need to Read” stack, so you will be hearing about it in a future post. You can read his blog here.

This look at emotion comes from a meeting the staff had with Transformational Architect, Ron Martoia. During several hours the concept distilled the most was that emotional health in relationships is far more important than technical skills, knowledge, talent and ability to success in a working environment. The level to which emotion plays a part in interactions and the decision-making process is astounding. The way we continually do the same things emotionally expecting different results is equally as astounding.

Thankfully, we are not stuck in an emotional mud-bank. We each have what we need to cause personal and professional momentum to increase and, in turn, to increase the positive momentum of any organization we are a part of. Far more can be said than I would want to post, but the key is that whatever emotional position you are in now, you are not destined to stay there. You do have a future to be written that contains emotions full of health that help to propel you toward a great preferred future that you write.

If you have some specific questions about this topic, ask and we’ll see where it goes!

Pillars Part 2

August 11, 2008

Sunday was a great experience as we looked deeper into the importance of living a disciplined life. Often we find ourselves in searching for truth going to extremes in order to find balance. The Ying and yang alone are powerful forces, but put together they create a harmony – a balance.

Thomas A`Kempis wrote about being an imitator of Christ as was mentioned by quoting Ephesians. This is obviously not an easy task, but it brings with it an excitement in that we have been asked to do the imitating. We are not invading God’s space or being disrespectful to try and imitate Him. Instead we are walking exactly in the path He wishes.

I loved the Dallas Willard quote – “Grace is not opposed to effort, it is opposed to earning”. We can’t earn any more than we have, but we still must remain active and moving. We must still “be about the Father’s business.”

Night of Worship

August 6, 2008

As Billy Joel sang, “Oh what a night!” for those of you not familiar with Night of Worship at Lifepoint, it is an opportunity to enjoy a night of experiences, musical and non-musical, that are created each “First Wednesday” to create an atmosphere conducive to connection with God.

Tonight’s Night of Worship was one that I will remember for a while. The expectation and participation of both the band and the audience was the catalyst for a remarkable time of worship and communion. Again, if you’ve missed it before, put September 3rd on your calendar now, and don’t miss the next Night of Worship.

Ron Martoia

August 4, 2008

Well, today we had our first meeting with Ron Martoia as a staff and board. He is a great guy who brings so much to the table as far as corporate and personal development and growth. Joe and I had visited him at a meeting in Birmingham, Alabama last week and have been plugged in on Sunday evenings with a container called Spiritual Explorations Live.

The information and questions that Ron poses and brings to the surface are questions that have to be grappled with and looked at intently. These questions – personally –¬†concern a need for us as individuals to take responsibility for ourselves and develop positive rhythms in our lives; – theologically – deal with a conversation going on across the globe as to the fidelity of current church practices and beliefs.

No, there is not a desire to throw everything away, but there is a need to examine. You’ve heard me say before that if something is true, it is true regardless of source. Truth “is”. Practices, methods and the message itself should be examined and re-examined. If something is “off limits” to examination, I question its ability to stand up to the examination. We can’t live a life where the foundation of our belief is “off limits”.

More is to come, but it is always good to have another viewpoint added to an ongoing conversation.


August 2, 2008

This Sunday we begin a new series based on some of the foundational ideas/doctrines/disciplines of the church. We will be looking at prayer, serving, fasting and all kinds of subjects that you may have heard about, but were unsure of their existence/relevance in today’s spiritual culture.

This is going to be a great change of pace and I’m certain it will bothrefresh and revive many people. Don’t miss this important new look at something old in the church.

One Prayer – Mark Batterson

June 29, 2008

Had a great Week Two in the One Prayer series. Mark’s message on dreaming was great. One of the best parts was the formula he gave. I’m not big on formulas, but when they work, they work.

He said that “Change of PLACE + Change of PACE= CHANGE OF PERSPECTIVE”.

That has a HUGE¬†application in virtually every area of our lives. Constant changing of our perspective is critical to having fresh eyes on our lives. When we root ourselves in a particular place for too long, we become blind to the familiar. Recently I heard someone say that the only difference between a weed and a flower is judgment. Judgement takes perspective – and not just one perspective (that’s why we have juries).

I saw a video on YouTube where a person was blasting another guy because of the other guy’s way of doing things (insert “church”). When we lose perspective we lose everything. The words that come out of our mouths can be surprising, even to us when we hear them later.

I knwo Mark’s prayer was that “God make us Dreamers”, but “God give us Perspective” would have been great too.