Ron Martoia

Well, today we had our first meeting with Ron Martoia as a staff and board. He is a great guy who brings so much to the table as far as corporate and personal development and growth. Joe and I had visited him at a meeting in Birmingham, Alabama last week and have been plugged in on Sunday evenings with a container called Spiritual Explorations Live.

The information and questions that Ron poses and brings to the surface are questions that have to be grappled with and looked at intently. These questions – personally –¬†concern a need for us as individuals to take responsibility for ourselves and develop positive rhythms in our lives; – theologically – deal with a conversation going on across the globe as to the fidelity of current church practices and beliefs.

No, there is not a desire to throw everything away, but there is a need to examine. You’ve heard me say before that if something is true, it is true regardless of source. Truth “is”. Practices, methods and the message itself should be examined and re-examined. If something is “off limits” to examination, I question its ability to stand up to the examination. We can’t live a life where the foundation of our belief is “off limits”.

More is to come, but it is always good to have another viewpoint added to an ongoing conversation.

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