I don’t know if I need to recant or what, but what I do know is that – though subtle – I know that the beginnings of a “reverberation” are taking place personally. The conference was, from my perspective, what I’ve written. However, I think that I’m finding that even though the production aspects weren’t what I expected, there does seem to be an awarness of some things that I previously ignored.

One of those is that the events that have the most impact, like the services we produce, may not be the ones that are the smoothest and sharpest. I strive for our services to have a high “wow” effect, but I have to admit that I would rather have “wow” impact than “wow” effect. The influence we have on others has to count for more than a good show. Something must be left when the environment is gone. In other words, Catalyst could not have been that bad if I am still earnestly thinking about it.

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One Comment on “reverb”

  1. I may be a little bias because like both the wow effect and impact, but you are correct, focus should be on Christ and He doesn’t need any dressing up. I did feel quite blessed by being at the event and thought much was accomplished.

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