Another Hockey Quote

This time its from commentator Mike Emrich. He said, “Triple overtime, this hasn’t happened since 2002, a long time ago.”

Since when is 2002 a “long time ago”? I’ll go back to the 80’s, but even thinking the 80’s are “a long time ago” is a stretch. I remember when I was growing up (OK now I’m sounding old) that something had to be at least 40 or 50 years old to really be considered “old”.

Time does change as we age – at least our perception of time, but with that change in perception comes something else – wisdom. I know you were hoping for something more zen-like, but it is true. Wisdom increases along with age. My parents will love to hear this!

So the next time you hear a younger person talk about the ancient ways of Internet surfing way back in 2002, be aware that we probably also, in our younger years, decried the way our elders moulded the aluminum foil on the antennae of the TV as we stood by to change the channel.

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