Santina’s Italian Restaurant

At Lifepoint we have many people who are involved in a lot of different business endeavors. One of those people is Greg Phillips. Greg is going to be starting a men’s discussion group centered around the theme od Wild at Heart, a great book by John Eldridge.

Greg helps run Santina’s.If you were at Lifepoint this past Sunday, the videos were shot in the restaurant. When you go, try to talk to Santina herself and listen to the remarkable story of determination and survival from cancer. O yeah, check out the mural on the back wall and see if you can spot some “local influences”.

Seriously,Santina’s is located down Russell in the Kroger shopping center. When you step through the doors you would swear you were somewhere else – I’m not over-romanticizing, it’s true. You’ll just have to check it out for yourself. Go by and say “Hi” to Greg, Rick and Santina, and prepare to sink your teeth into true Italian cuisine.

For more on the full story behind the restaurant check this out.

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