Do Something Amazing Each Day

I can’t remember where I saw this in the past few days. I hate not knowing because I’m usually a stickler for keeping track of those things. Be that as it may, this phrase, “Do something amazing each day”, has decided to take up dwelling in my mind-space.

The only thing I do recall is that the quote was by someone who was an amputee. He resolved that after his amputation he would “do something amazing each day”. I don’t know about you but most of my days really aren’t that amazing. I’ve had good days, really, really good days, but “amazing”?

I started to think and have been thinking of what would constitute an amazing day. What would have to have happened, been felt, said, etc. for a day to qualify as amazing?

One thing I think would have to be evident: that an action I either did, or was instrumental in having done, effected a real positive change in either my life or the ones I wanted affected.

One more quote that’s been lurking since I read it is that the only real eternal life there is is the present. The present does not have a past or future, it is timeless. Therefore, the present is the only time that is “out of time”. To truly embrace the eternal life we’ve been given is to live in the Now, the present.

Combine those two thoughts together and you have a pretty ambitious approach to living. Seriously though, think, just for a moment, what your life would look like if you introduced each of these contexts into your daily rhythm of living. Then imagine if we all took these two items to heart.

Naive? Maybe, but out of naivete can come some of the most profound and illuminating propositions for life.

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