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October 11, 2008

Well, tomorrow the staff will have an opportunity to share some of the ideas that they have for Lifepoint in 2009. For me, the idea of personal development is crucial. I can’t imagine being the point guy for personal development, but it is a concept that has connected with my very core. When I have talked with people over the past year, the one common thread has been a desire to understand their lives better and to make better decisions for it’s future.

In the past twelve months I have read more books than I have been able to post about. Most of those books have had to do with the idea of personal development. Now I’m not talking about Anthony Robbins – although he has made a good living doing his thing – I’m talking about the mechanics and psychological underpinnings of why we do the things we do. From Marcus Buckingham and his putting your strengths first approach, to Robert Torbert and his vision of action logics to Dee Hock and his view of chaordic organizations, I have read and digested and wanted to do something with the information. Now is the time.

In 2009, there will be many opportunities for people n the Middle Georgia area to come to events hosted by Lifepoint Church (that’s right, a church!) to help people in their personal development. From personal mission statements to strengths that will help you find the right job for you, Lifepoint will embark in a new era of facilitating personal growth for Middle Georgia and it’s citizens.

Needless to say, I can’t wait!


August 16, 2008

Normally I wait until I’ve completed a book to comment on it, however Peter Block’s “The Answer to How is Yes” has got my mind on overdrive – and I’ve just passed the first chapter. He suggests that the question “How?” could be more of an obstacle rather than a help to an end. He uses “How?” as a symbol because it is the most frequently asked question following critical conversations about changing directions in our jobs and lives. Coming to the decision that something should be done is often easy. The raising of the question, “How?” inevitably leads to a halt in progress until we have some perceived certainty.

One of the best observations I’ve read yet is when Peter says that, “if we were really committed to the pursuit of what matters, we might well be served to hold a moratorium on the question ‘How?’…If we could agree that for six months we would not ask ‘How?’, something in our lives…might shift for the better. It would refocus our attention on deciding what is the right question, rather than what is the right answer. It would force us to act as if we already knew how – we just have to figure out what is worth doing.”

What is keeping you from pursuing something that has captivated your mind? Removing the question “How?” from the conversation leaves us with only a decision to decide what matters most. Think about your life and after evaluating what matters most, make it a priority to take the first step toward seeing that “thing” happen.

More Wild Goose

August 15, 2008

In the last couple of days, my counter said that over a hundred of you guys have visited. I still have the book, Wild Goose Chase, to give away. Just post your idea to impact the world in the comments section and we’ll pick and give the book away. More importantly, we will begin a conversation about joining together and “doing” something.


July 21, 2008

There is only one thing I can say about inspiration – It is vital and powerful. OK two things, but the key is that a life lived without inspiration really can’t be classified as living. I am not talking about some things labeled inspirational today. Not talking about a feel good story or song here. The essence of inspiration is to live “in spirit”. When you open your eyes to visibly and spiritually see the world around you, your spirit takes note and responds.

Few of us listen to our own spirit, we are often too busy with the minutia of life. We have schedules and they need to be followed and so on. Inside each of us there is an answer to the question “What am I here for?” We go to others to ask their help, but we know the answer instinctively. Your inner spirit is constantly telling you to “do what you are here to do.”

Quit making excuses and begin with the first step. Today.

Santina’s Italian Restaurant

May 5, 2008

At Lifepoint we have many people who are involved in a lot of different business endeavors. One of those people is Greg Phillips. Greg is going to be starting a men’s discussion group centered around the theme od Wild at Heart, a great book by John Eldridge.

Greg helps run Santina’s.If you were at Lifepoint this past Sunday, the videos were shot in the restaurant. When you go, try to talk to Santina herself and listen to the remarkable story of determination and survival from cancer. O yeah, check out the mural on the back wall and see if you can spot some “local influences”.

Seriously,Santina’s is located down Russell in the Kroger shopping center. When you step through the doors you would swear you were somewhere else – I’m not over-romanticizing, it’s true. You’ll just have to check it out for yourself. Go by and say “Hi” to Greg, Rick and Santina, and prepare to sink your teeth into true Italian cuisine.

For more on the full story behind the restaurant check this out.

Fast Start

January 4, 2008

This year is beginning with a fast pace. It seems to me that this year is going to be one that is full of completions – a year of “getting things done”. I know that we all have things that we wish we had done in the past, so let’s take this year as an opportunity to get to it and finish these things. This year I want to encourage you to “seize the day” in every area of your life. Let this year be a year that you can look back on and remember as a year where many great things happened!