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Failure is a What not a Who

March 24, 2010

When talking about business, many people talk in absolutes. Wins – Losses…Good – Bad Investments….Smart – Stupid moves….Success – Failure. In discussions like these it is imperative that we remember that a failure is “something ” that happened; not “someone”. With that context clear in our mind, we make it alright for others and ourselves to pursue great things and risk incredible failure. The reason is simply that whether great or not, they are just events and not people, like ourselves.

Too Much Change?

October 20, 2009

Back in August I discussed perfection and it’s illusory draw for many leaders. Here is another look from a different direction. In the pursuit of perfection (and attainable excellence) leaders will change many things. There is a danger to look for in the midst of these changes.

An organization is known by its people, product or philosophy. When a leader issues too many changes and violates either the company’s people, product or philosophy there is a problem.

Instead of looking for externals that can destroy the viability of an organization if changed too much, perhaps the aware leader, in any level of management, should look for a place in another organization where his desires and interests are already in play.

What is Professional?

September 9, 2009

Most of us would consider ourselves to be professionals in our particular fields, but would others?  Are we professionals simply because we have the right degree or position or popularity? There once was a time when being a professional was a character trait and not just an addition to a title. To be a professional is really to have an “on with the show” mentality. The true professional does his best work even when he doesn’t feel like it.

How about you?

The Trifecta Employee

September 3, 2009

In looking for people to work “for us” or “with us”, we ten to look at abilities. The truth is that abilities are only one part of the Trifecta necessary for one to find in  a new hire (or one that’s been around for a while) that can complement any organization.

The first part of the Trifecta is ability, but the second is Motivation. Your capabilities are covered in your ability, but what is actually done, is covered in Motivation. Early on there is the excitement at a new place or job. Motivation is crucial if leadership expects to get the most out of a person. Inner motivation only goes so far. It is clear communication and directed motivation that are key to a leaders relationship to those they lead.

Ability and Motivation are great, but when you add the third, Attitude, you get a proven winning combination every time. While leadership has a lot to do with Motivation, Attitude is a trait that comes uniquely from within. Attitude comes from the heart.

Ability – Motivation – Attitude…a winner every time!


July 7, 2009

Success is all about other people. No one succeeds alone, just as no one loses alone. In aspirations of success the most important metric to keep in view is the measurement of how you treat other people. It is not how much you know, have or can do that matters the most. The keynote of true success is the ability to keep the right way of being with other people.

When you make treating other people well a choice in career fulfillment, you will see literal “miracles” in every part of your profession.


June 24, 2009

Failure is inevitable in our lives. The key is to not allow failure to keep us from trying again and again. Failure is something that in business, relationships, ventures and ideas, I can wholeheartedly accept. If you are truly to live, failure is a part of the script. Not trying is not an acceptable option.

To not try is to begin a cycle of self-doubt that takes its toll on the most robust individuals. Learn to view failure as a positive step toward our ultimate victory and quitting as the ultimate defeat.