Don’t Name It – Just DO It!

This is going to be a somewhat short post. There are so many things that I am excited about this coming year. Many I will be laying out in detail here first. For that reason, if you haven’t already subscribed to this blog, click on the “subscribe” link to the right. When you do this, you’ll be the first to know what’s going on.


The core of my thought today is that as I’ve looked at the need for learning organizations in the past, (you can check out here, and here, and here for more), the key component has moved from the community to the individual. When the individual is working better, the community that he or she is a part of runs better.


Often we try to give these things names, but honestly names aren’t important. The important thing is for “people to find their own language for describing the intent of their efforts in ways that work in their own context, as part of developing their own strategies and leadership practices. How we talk about our work matters. But the key lies in our personal journey of reflection, experimentation, and becoming more open, not the words we use. It is the reality we create, not how we label it, that matters.”


Don’t worry about what to call what you do, just do the thing that you can’t NOT do. In embracing yourself, you embrace all and that WILL change the world!

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