Noticing is something that I’d bet many of us do too little of. We have many items on our plate, and we justify that we simply don’t have the time. I want to offer a daily opportunity to reengage in your real life. I’ll bet that after doing these simple adjustments, you’ll feel like a fog has lifted and clarity has come to your life.


First, take your watch and set a time either every half hour or every hour and have your alarm go off. When it does, just take a few seconds to notices how you feel, even if you feel irritated by the interruption of the alarm!


Next, as you move from one activity during the day to another, notice how you feel about ending one activity and transitioning to the other.


Also, during mealtimes, think about pleasant moments and identify why they are pleasant. Conversely, think about the moments that were the least pleasant and identify why. Another thing is to ask yourself if you were aware of the pleasant or unpleasant moments when they occurred.


Lastly, notice how you feel after meaningful interactions with other people.


You might want to tackle one of these at a time – maybe one a week – and notice how the fog lifts and how clarity comes to every day moments.

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