For Young Men Only

For Young Men Only is a book that I was asked to review from the Multnomah Publishing company, a division of Random House. The book is insightful in it’s premise to be a “guy’s guide to the alien gender”. After almost fifteen years of marriage, I have learned some of the concepts from the book the hard way – through experience. Since the demographic of the book was out of my present capacity (yeah I’m old!), I decided to enlist the help of a good friend of mine. He is in the trenches (high school) and is confronting these issues daily. Instead of doing a cover review of “Oh the book is great”, I thought that a first hand account of the books main audience would do more than I ever could.

In his own words, I give you Sean:

Well here I go, the book was amazing! If I had to pick a book to give to teenage boys, this would be the book. The real life surveys made the  book seem more realistic. While I read the book, it felt like they were inside my head and answering my questions as the book went on. I even wish girls could read this book so they could get an adequate view point on a guys perspective. Some of my girl friends read some passages from this book and they told me what the book says about girls is totally true. I would really recommend this book to any lonely guy in need of relationship help, but I would also recommend it to any one! As a not so good with girls guy I felt like I have a better perspective on how a girls feels and acts by this book.

Could not have said it better if I had been paid! This book is available at Amazon, Family Christian and your local Christian retailer.  You can also find out more by clicking here. If there is a teen guy under your roof – get this book!

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