Debbie Blue – From Stone to Living Word

Had to write a little about this book. From the first line – “I’m not good with answers” – the book is immediately accessible. Blue writes openly and confidently as she weaves through some thoughts that many of us have had but found difficult to articulate.

As a pastor, she talks about wishing to be like Father Zossima in The Brother’s Karamazov.

She quotes Eduard Thurneysen speaking about Father Zossima saying:

 “It [his pastoral approach] is not designed to remove [people’s] burdens, to lead them out of the uncertainties of their lives, but it is intended to lead [people] into them truly and for the first time…for in persevering in the uncertainties of life, he sees the only way of redemption.”

She follows that great quote, about a character in a book that you should read if you haven’t, by stating, “I honestly don’t know what it would even quite mean to straighten a life out.


So often we perceive the church as a place to fix things, as God a “fixer”, as life needing to be fixed. Life is meant to be lived fully and that often means it will be messy and loud and unpredictable and wild. When we accept that we are trying to embrace the Unembraceable, know the Unknowable and understand the Incomprehensible, a non-straightened out life seems to be the only kind that would fit.


Oh to let go and embrace nothing, knowing that in that futile attempt you have found what you were looking for. He is unembraceable not because he is far and distant, but because he so permeates every inch of our lives that if we were to contain him, he would cease to be himself. He is “in all, above all and through all”. If we can learn to live within the drawing love of God the Other, our lives themselves will transcend understanding and the chaotic will become beautiful and our view of God himself or herself will expand into an ever increasing undulation of love that desires to overwhelm and overtake us.

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