The Wizard of Oz

Tonight we watched The Wizard of Oz as part of Family Night. I love the movie, even though there are some who think any mention of witches, wizards and teleportation will send one directly to the Bad Place. Some things jumped out at me while we were watching.

One thing is how funny the scene is when the apple trees start pelting the travelers with apples – who knew trees had a gruff voice? Seriously, it is hard for me to just watch a movie. I’m more intrigued than ever before as to how the contextualization of the time period the movie was made translates with the time period in which it is being watched. (Only really great movies are able to bridge this chasm)

1 – After the Scarecrow is talking about not having a brain, Dorothy asks him what he would do with a brain if he had one – and the Scarecrow is quick to have an answer. Sometimes we allow not having something to become a reason we can’t get anything done, when the truth is that we probably wouldn’t get anything done even if we did have what we are whining about.

2 – Dorothy immediatly invites the Scarecrow to join her on her journey. She is not the least bit proprietary about her journey. She welcomes anyone who wants to go with her. Many times we get too defensive when we resist help in situations where an openness to others would quickly solve a problem.

3 – The Tinman longs for a heart, but his song delivery is the most emotional of all of the travelers.

4 – They think the Wizard will fix everything, but find out that the answers to their questions and desires are within them.

5 – Glenda tells Dorothy that she has had the way home all the time, but that she couldn’t tell Dorothy because she wouldn’t have believed it. How true is this? If we would allow ourselves to live a life filled with trust instead of suspicion, we could take leaps in our development as people and humans.

Next time you watch a film, open yourself up to the possibility of seeing more than just a plot line and actors. Within the power of storytelling is the answers to life itself.

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