We’re Back!

my view at the beach

This past week we have been out on vacation to Panama City. I can’t tell you how much it meant for us to be away for a few days, just the two of us. We did the shops, the beach, the restaurants and the dog-track. The greatest part of getting away is that time around thirty hours after you arrive when you really arrive to vacation.

We didn’t watch television and only got on the Internet to pay a bill once – it was heaven. We didn’t hear about Obama this or McCain that; we didn’t know about the hurricane Dolly, and the only way we found out any good news in gas was by stopping in Donalsonville and paying $3.61 a gallon for gas!

We had a great time, and had some great experiences. It was good to see the kids and Zora and have the regular noises of family life take their places.

The important thing learned was that you have to plan these times – they do not simply happen. The hum and buzz of the world doesn’t want you to take a break, but when you do, the sense of reconnecting and really being has more benefits than all the buzz in the world.

However, it is good to be back!

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