Box Top or Puzzle Piece?

Today’s message was spot on about the need to look closely at where we are positioning ourselves in our spiritual walk. Some of the questions that were brought up were – “Are we to follow the picture we’ve been given in putting the pieces together?” or should we “let the pieces come together and follow where they are leading us?”

In the church world there is so much static in the airwaves, that to gain some understanding of what to do and where to go is virtually impossible. Everyone considers themselves an expert and wants you to follow “their way”.

When we stop and speak to God and listen and allow Him to work in us – however that may look or feel – we gain the authentic knowing that can only come from God. When we’ve heard what we should do, there is always a degree of question, but when we engage the spiritual and receive a response, our steadfastness becomes far more secure. Jesus was very truthful when He said, “Seek and you will find.” Our path will only reveal itself when we begin to walk it out…one step at a time.

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