How far?

I’ve had this though brewing in my mind about the changes that I see going on in life and around the world. There seems to be a shift in both perception and execution of things. Coming off the heels of Sunday’s talk on Awareness, I’ve been having to answer the question I posed to you guys – “How far are you willing to go?” in regard to becoming Aware.

The ultimate truth is that we are here for a purpose and we are here to live in communal respect with both ourselves (self-respect) and respect to the Creator who put us here to begin with. There is a balance between healthy self-respect based on our existence and feeding Ego with “I am what I do, have, etc.”

I think that this is one of the greatest hindrances we have to overcome as we seek to live and Aware life. Voices from the past creep up and tell us that we are not worthy or not good enough or not “this” or “that”, but the truth is that we are who God, the Source, has created us to be. Certainly we may have made decisions that disappointed family and friends, but those decisions did not shock or surprise God. Let that last sentence sink in a bit.

You are a combination of events and spirit that God knew would collide and form the “you” you are now. Look at yourself and know that you are deserving of respect from yourself and worthy of connecting with the great Power of the Universe.

Once we are able to shake the shame and self-loathing fed by our own Egos, our own light will begin to shine brighter not only to ourselves, but to those around us as well.

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One Comment on “How far?”

  1. Jaime Says:

    Ahh…self-loathing….but we are so good at that! Sometimes we make it so hard to accept and believe the truth that we are the “you” that the Master of the Universe formed (on purpose and FOR a purpose)! I just so thankful that Jesus continually reinforces the TRUTH to me and I don’t have to wallow in the pit for too long…even when it seems easier to do so. Great Post Chris! I needed that reminder today 🙂

    Jaime Largaespada

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