Hyperlinks and life

I’ve wanted to write about this for some time now. The world that exists now did not exist several years ago – both in terms of time and in relation to global mentality. Where we once saw life itself as a line within time, we now see life as a multi-layered experience sandwiched inside of other multi-layered experiences within the hologram of Life.

In any given day you will see hundreds of “hyperlinks” on your computer screen. These “hyperlinks” will take you on a journey to another website and another context based on one word. You can continue to follow “hyperlinks” and end up in an entirely different train of thought than you began with. Years ago this would not only have been impossible, but also frustrating.

We are in the middle of a transformation from living “sequential” to living “holistic”. Where we were once happy to have “just the facts” we now want backgrounds and profiles and histories so that we can see the “whole” problem, person or situation.

This switch in perceived needs is changing the development of the next generations mind structure from an old sequential, rational, linear, left brain approach to an abstract, intuitive, holistic, right brain approach to living.

We can see this in many areas of our world, but none more significant than media.  Both in web, print and video we no longer have just “one thing” to look at and understand. Each advertisement, show, special or informative bit has multiple streams that we can connect and disconnect with at whim. I can watch a show or sports game and simultaneously know scores from other games and highlights of news pertaining to all sports…and if the news is big enough, global events – as they happen in real time.

This has to change the way we connect with one another and the way we perceive real connection in our lives. The way we choose to interact with this new perception will also dramatically effect both our perceived and actual influence in this world.

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