Independence Day

It’s the fourth again, and with that comes some different kind of feelings around our country. For some they immediately think of the wars going on and have either a positive or negative reaction. For others there is a sense of patriotism – the flag, belonging etc.

Today, I can’t say that any of those emotions have “grabbed” me, yet. I haven’t seen any parades or lit any fireworks, but a sense of interdependence rather than Independence is what has me now.

I am more connected to the space around me now than ever before. That sense of connectedness probably has to do with the talk I’ll deliver Sunday on Awareness, but I hope it will last longer and continue further than Sunday.

To release Independence and individuality and “I’ll do it my own way” to interdependence on the Central Force of the Universe and simply allow myself to flow with the waves of creative energy – not striving against it or pushing it forward brings with it a renewed freedom. Not an easy thing to do either. There is the constant tug to control things and “do” what I’m expected to “do”. However, when we allow our “need to be in control” ego’s to sink and our true self to rise to the surface. We come to the surface with a new vision – a new way of “seeing”.

I don’t want to go to far into what some would call “never, never land”, but the best way I can describe it is the way movie companies have remastered old films. They show the old and new versions side by side and the new version shows more color, clarity and details. That’s what happens when we become “Aware” of the world around us and really “see” with new eyes. One thing is for certain, once you have seen things in their renewed brilliance, you don’t want to go back.

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2 Comments on “Independence Day”

  1. Chris, I have to say I refuse to be late to church I can’t miss the music, love it man.
    BUT, sorry, here it comes… Really didn’t like the “baby Jesus” clip from the movie.

  2. Chris Says:

    Janel, the best part of ‘being aware’ is knowing the things that we like and dislike and not letting what we’re “supposed to be” or do change who we really are. You are an awesome person with an awesome story to tell. Thanks for your honesty and insight!

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