Anthony De Mello in conversation

In a couple of weeks I’ll be speaking about my One Prayer. I’ll let it out now and say that my One Prayer is that we be Aware. This is a concept that has been a part of my thinking for several years now. One of the books and authors that has had a great impact has been Awareness by Anthony De Mello.

This week a section of the book came up in a conversation with Mike our Executive Pastor here at Lifepoint. I thought I would share this liberating section with you.

“The great Socrates said, ‘The unaware life is not worth living.’ That’s a self-evident truth. Most people don’t live aware lives. They live mechanical lives…’My that’s a lovely shirt.’ You feel good hearing that. For a shirt for heaven’s sake! You feel proud of yourself when you hear that. People come over to my center in India and they say, ‘What a lovely place, these lovely trees’ (for which I’m not responsible at all), ‘this lovely climate.’ And already I’m feeling good, until I catch myself feeling good, and I say, ‘Hey, can you imagine anything as stupid as that?’ I’m not responsible for those trees; I wasn’t responsible for choosing the location. I didn’t order the weather; it just happened. But “me got in there, so I’m feeling good about “my” culture and “my” nation. How stupid can you get?….Indian culture has produced great mystics. I didn’t produce them. I’m not responsible for them. They tell me, ‘ That country of yours and it’s poverty – it’s disgusting.’ I feel ashamed. But I didn’t create it. What’s going on? Did you ever start to think? People say, ‘I think you’re charming’, so I feel wonderful. I get a positive stroke …I’m going to write a book someday and the title will be . “I’m an Ass, You’re an Ass”. That’s the most liberating, wonderful thing in the world, when you openly admit you’re an ass. It’s wonderful. When people tell me, ‘You’re wrong.’ I say, ‘What can you expect of an ass?”

Hope this helped to lighten your load as much as it did mine!

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