What does it mean to improve?

As a staff we have been to many conferences at or about Northpoint Community Church in Atlanta. During one of these [DRIVE Conference 2005], they shared that the momentum in an organization increases by either “new, improved or improving” ideas/facilities/volunteers/programs/etc.

This is a great idea, and one that continues to be a benchmark at Lifepoint when we evaluate whether to add to or subtract from some aspect of the church.

But what does it mean to improve? We can begin to think that to improve a program/ministry we need to add something to it. John Maeda, a favorite author/artist of mine in his book The Laws of Simplicity, explores in detail the notion of “improved” meaning to add on. In contrast he posits that to “improve” many times requires us to simplify and take away.

As you look at your life today, think of how you can improve one area by subtraction instead of addition. 

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