Fast Company

I love culture. Let me say that agin – I LOVE CULTURE! It never stays the same. It is always challenging the now. It is not predictable…I love it.

I do my best to stay up with and look a little ahead of culture. I’ve been right about a few things and wrong about many more, but the intrigue of “what may be” has always had it’s hook in me.

One of the ways I stay in tune with culture is Fast Company. It is a magazine that, from my experience, has it’s hand on the pulse of culture. The stories you “need to know about”, in reference to culture and its changes and shifts are always there. Fast Company gives the reader what they need to make informed decisions about the world culture.

This month the focus is on a guy named Alex Bogusky. He has been hired by Microsoft to reinvent its image and go on the offensive against the Great Advertising Wonder that is Apple. Only time will tell, but a lot is on the line for Alex and Microsoft.

One thing he mentioned in the interview was, “edginess and risk taking mean nothing without results”. Often we try to be cool and do things that are edgy, but in the end if the results aren’t there, all we’ve done is spin our wheels…we’ve gone nowhere. Nowhere is not a place we want to be or a place we want to be comfortable in. In life results are the measure of correct decisions and choices.

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