“Q” Question

“How can you engage with your local community in a deeper way?”

That was the question placed on tables at the Q Conference in New York about a month ago. It is a great question. So many times churches tend to deal with their own people and only concern themselves with the needs of their congregation. Granted, these needs can be time and resource consuming, but the real need for the world is churches who see beyond those who look, act, and believe the same.

It is critical that churches look out into their community and face the challenges of the day with their neighbors. At a time when spirituality is everywhere from books to television, why would a church who desires to do and be more hesitate to become involved with those in its surrounding area?

The greatest need today is not larger churches, not better churches (whatever that means). No, the need is for selfless churches who look to meet the needs of those who will never contribute monetarily to the churches efforts.

The “least of these” need tending to. While we focus on deepening relationships and activities within our local communities we will begin to see a seismic shift of sense…we will see that we are becoming The Body.

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