The Mother of all Storms

Thompson Road, Centerville

Well, maybe not the “Mother of all Storms”, but it certainly will be a Mother’s Day that many people remember. Storms swept through the Middle Georgia landscape early Sunday morning and wreaked havoc on many in Bibb and the surrounding counties.

If you went by Lifepoint, you saw the sign that proclaimed “no power no service”. It was certainly interesting to be standing outside as cars drove up and then drove away. We had spent most of the past week getting ready for this Sunday. The back “natural” parking area had had a road put in, and the lights in both Adventures Theater and the auditorium were all on the ready. This had been done in response to the great effort by Lifepoint in giving. You guys did great!

It is truly an honor to be able to look at you guys each Sunday and know how much you care and really where your heart is.

We were planning to have a baby dedication complete with Baby Bibles and a video, but what did happen were that some of us faired OK during the storm with minor or no damage, while others of us sustained great damage. One of those I know about now was the Gill family. Half of their house and a majority of their vehicles are gone. This is especially hard to hear when you factor in that the home had recently been purchased and remodeled. It was the home of Rob’s childhood, where he grew up. Our prayers are with them and I know their Lifepoint family will be there for them.

An event like this allows us to look at things in an entirely different light. It shows us the importance of having a consistent rhythm in our lives, so that when we face difficult times our resilience and strength remain strong and available.

One thing is on my mind right now – I’m thankful that the damages weren’t worse and that the health of those in the Lifepoint family that I care for are OK.

Now it’s cleanup time.

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