Patrick Robinson


For the next few days I want to spotlight a few people you may not have heard of that are on  the edge of innovation and design in popular culture. The first one is Patrick Robinson. He is the Executive Vice President of Design at GAP. The company has been off and on for the past several years, but the key is the approach that Patrick puts into his mission.

The point is that GAP should be providing classic American clothing. He says “the true indicator of success is getting people excited when they come to the store and having them walk out with a shopping bag.”

He is talking about true design buy-in. If we want to have influence in our culture we must also seek true buy-in by those we want to influence. If we simply present a good idea, but their is no take-away, we have failed. If I have a tremendous display of product or idea information, but you leave with a “I’ll think about it”, I have failed.

The key to sustainable influence is excitment that leads to commitment, ie. (excited when they come in and a shopping bag when they walk out). 

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